Monday, September 15, 2014

Printable Happy Rosh Hashanah Cards, Images and Wallpapers for 2015

Free Printable Rosh Hashanah 2015 Greeting Cards written with Beautiful Wishes and Cute Blessings along with Aborable and Funny Message Pictures, HD Wallpapers and Images.

Rosh Hashanah or Jewish New Year 2015 is not very different from the English New Year celebrations or the Chinese New Year festival. This day is supposed to be the day of creation of Adam and Eve and is celebrated with a lot of zeal, mirth and merriment. Rosh Hashanah, like every other New Year celebration is marked by the exchange of gifts, greetings cards and blessings of the friends and family members.

Most people these days send wishes and greetings through SMS and other social media sites (networking and messaging) like Facebook, WhatsApp and others. However, the Jewish community has a long history of sending greetings cards to the relatives, friends, acquaintances and other loved ones. This is a token of love and a symbolic exchange of care and affection. These cards can be purchased from store or can be customized as per your design and requirements.

Most Beautiful Cute and Funny L'shanah Tovah Happy Rosh Hashanah Cards

Sweet Rosh Hashanah 2015 Wishes Wallpaper

Traditional Rosh Hashanah 2015 Image Greeting

Funny Rosh Hashanah 2014 e-Card to Wish Loved Ones

Trendy Rosh Hashanah Greeting 

Honey Apple L'shanah Tovah  Greeting Card

BINGO Printable Greeting Card for Jewish New Year

L'shanah Tovah Happy New Year

The most common motif or emblem in Rosh Hashanah cards is apple and honey. This is derived from the age old tradition of dipping apple in honey and eating it as a mark of how sweet the ensuing year is going to be. Almost all cards of Rosh Hashanah has this emblem along with ‘Shanah Tovah’ (which means that have a great year ahead) and the message. Even today many people consume apple and honey as part of the Rosh Hashanah ritual, although, this has reduced to the part of a symbolic exercise.

Another very common motif or emblem that can be found in many Rosh Hashanah cards is the ‘Shofar’. The Shofar is the horn of the ram that is blown to welcome the new year. It is considered as auspicious in Judaism and the Shofar can be found in many other rituals as well. Even now, the actual Shofar is blown in many places to greet the new year. This, therefore, features in many greetings cards as a symbolic gesture to welcome the new year auspiciously.

If you wish to send Ecards to people then it can be a very good option. These allow you to personalize your card in whichever way you want. Also, you can later alter and edit them as per your wish. These Ecards can be sent to multiple people at once. The tradition of sending cards on Rosh Hashanah has not died out.  


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